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L'aura the Label BLOG

  • Interview Eighteen: Isabella Türemis

    Interview eighteen is with beautiful Isabella, a friend from 2017. She studies Sport and German on the Coast of Germany right now and teaches Yoga. She loves traveling and surfing. She shares with us what her hopes and plans are, as well as what she does for wellbeing and balance in her daily life. Bella's favourite L'aura the Label pieces are the Enya Wrap Dress ("the most comfortable and prettiest dress I own"), and the May Wrap Top ("because it makes me feel good and look good”)!

  • Interview Seventeen: Amber Cohen

    Interview seventeen is with Amber Cohen, a client at L'aura Healing, a customer, and a friend. Amber is from Boston Massachusetts and works as a high school science teacher. In her interview she shares with us what she loves to do daily and where she is at right now in her life! Her favourite L'aura the Label piece is her Kimono (one the limited edition hand-painted ones)!
  • Interview Sixteen: Candice Wilson

    Interview Sixteen is with a dear friend from acting school, Candice Wilson. We have seen each other grow and change over the years but one thing remains steady and that is the friendship we formed all those years ago. Candice shares honestly some things about herself and her favourite things to do daily. She currently lives her life by 'following what feels good'. Her favourite L'aura the Label piece is her Miranda Kimono (she has one of the very first hand-painted ones). You will love her interview!
  • Interview Fifteen: Maja Gabrynowicz

    Interview Fifteen is with another dear friend, Maja Gabrynowicz. A counsellor/social worker and an all round good woman! You will love reading her interview where you get an insight into her background, what she does for herself daily as well as how she aims to live. Her favourite L'aura the Label piece is the Enya Wrap Dress, which you may recognise her from modelling it for us! 
  • Interview Fourteen: Becky Lawrence

    Interview Fourteen is with dear friend Becky Lawrence. On one of my trips to see her in the Coromandel a few years ago, we did the first ever L'aura the Label Shoot, bare-foot in a forest! Her interview is short and sweet. She shares with us a little insight to her life and what she loves to do daily just for her. Her favourite L'aura the Label piece is the black Enya Wrap Dress!
  • Interview Thirteen - Johanna-May Manks

    Interview thirteen is with Johanna-May Manks, a Personal Stylist based in Auckland, New Zealand. She works in-person as well as virtually with her 'Six month Image & Style Mentorship Programmes'. She also has a 'Private Style Group' on facebook which any of you reading are welcome to join! Johanna-May is such a warmhearted and supportive person which shines through in her interview. Her favourite L'aura the Label garment is the Sania Skirt because it is super versatile. Having a Personal Stylist love our garments (as well as the reason behind our brand) is the ultimate compliment!
  • Interview Twelve: Emily Clarke

    Interview twelve is with Emily, a dear friend, client and now customer! She is a registered nurse and is currently completing her post-grad studies. She shares with us her favourite thing each morning, making the most of every day and being kind to anyone she comes across. Emily is so sparkly and such a warrior in my eyes... and I can't wait to see her in Bali soon! Her favourite L'aura the Label piece is the Sania Skirt in off-white which she says she wear constantly!

  • Interview Eleven: Katie Addison-Saipe

    Interview eleven is with Katie Addison-Saipe, a friend since 2017. We met in Bali and continued our friendship in New Zealand. She has been one our most loyal supporters since day one! Katie is Naturopath. She shares her love of herbal tea and what she is currently working on - personally as well as what she aims to share professionally. Katie's favourite L'aura the Label piece is the May Wrap Top (in black). "...the most beautiful style that suits all body types and holds the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy" x
  • Interview Ten: Paulina Ciurzynska

    Interview Ten is with Paulina Ciurzynska, a dear friend of mine from acting school in Melbourne from 2015. We stayed close becuase a few years ago she made the move to New Zealand. Paulina calls herself eco-warrior and is an owner of the sustainable activewear line called LETE. Paulina shares with us some of her favourite things and how she lives as sustainable as possible each day. Paulina's favourite L'aura the Label garment is the olive Enya Wrap Dress x
  • Interview Nine: Emma Jeffrey

    Interview nine is with Emma Jeffrey, a dear friend from school. One of those people you think of and a smile instantly turns up on your face! We didn't have many classes together but bonded on numerous Duke of Edinburgh tramps around New Zealand and we co-directed our school's dance show together. Emma shares with us her perspective on life, things she loves, as well as her upcoming move to the UK with her partner. Her favourite L'aura the Label piece is the olive Enya Wrap Dress x
  • Interview Eight: Emma Brooks

    Interview eight is with Emma Brooks, one of our very first customers! Emma grew up as an artist and dancer, before going on to study Fashion Design. She worked in the Fashion industry for about 10years! Emma now choose's to live a simple life and she share's with us some of her favourite things. Her favourite L'aura the Label garment is her one-of-a-kind hand-painted kimono. She is one of the lucky ones to own one from when we launched!x

  • Interview Seven: Sonata Bowen

    Interview Seven is with Sonata Bowen, a high school friend who I reconnected with recently after she bought an Enya Wrap Dress (which happens to be her favourite L'aura the Label piece). I dropped it to her and got to meet her beautiful daughter Isla. We got talking (Sonata has this way about her, like a warm-hearted coach), and she ended up helping me on our most recent Lookbook shoot! She has her own label coming soon called ISDE. Read more about Sonata's journey x