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L'aura the Label

An online, eco-friendly boutique with world-wide shipping. We specialise in limited edition hand-painted garments. You can purchase these already painted or customize your own within the current 'In Bloom' theme. We also have a range of basic garments, cleaned crystals and miscellaneous items such as face masks.

All proceeds go towards building a Healing Center for our partner, L'aura Healing.

"I just recieved my beautiful kimono. Absolutely stunning, thank you so much!! Gorgeous quality and such a delicate design."

Hayley, Canberra AU

"I love my hand-painted kimono... I am wearing a piece or art and each time I see the back it makes me smile... if you are into the Marie Kondo method this is a piece that brings me joy... add in the ease and comfort of wearing it as well as the no hassle wash and those are bonuses."

Adrienne, Auckland NZ

What a treat to have a L'aura kimono! I am honestly in love, the fabric is so lovely, light and soft and the painting is beautiful."

Kaitlyn, Sydney AU