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L'aura the Label is the creation of Laura from New Zealand, and Jimmy from Indonesia. Our pieces blend our love of the east and west. Made for people who value ART and COMFORT, and don't necessarily keep up with trends.



GARMENTS are designed by Laura, and are ETHICALLY hand-made in Bali by our one and only dressmaker Bu Jro.  L'aura the Label well and truly falls under the category of SLOW fashion. We do not release new collections every season, we simply add or discontinue timeless staples depending on the demand. We have a very limited amount of stock on hand, everything else is simply made-to-order.

Our EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS collection features hand-made wooden pieces by Jimmy, floor cushions, and Laban Coffee.


The main reason we created L'aura the Label, was to to build a Healing Centre in Bali… a place for anyone to visit or stay as long as they need. All profits from your purchases go towards COMPLETING the centre (we are on the final stages now). Thank you so much for helping us bring it to life!
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