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L'aura the Label is the creation of Laura from New Zealand, and Jimmy from Indonesia. Our Garments and Everyday Essentials, blend our love of the east and west. Made for people who value ART and COMFORT, and don't necessarily keep up with trends.



GARMENTS are designed by Laura, and are ETHICALLY hand-made by Ketut (bottom left) and Putu Rini (top right) at Ketut’s home studio in Denpasar, Bali. While Ketut is overseas, we have stocked up on garments (in both Bali and New Zealand). We can no-longer make-to-order at this time.

We are an eco-friendly label and well and truly fall under the category of SLOW fashion. We do not release a new collection every season, we simply add or discontinue timeless pieces depending on the demand.

Our EVERYDAY collection features hand-made wooden homeware by Jimmy, cushions, as well as 'Laban Coffee'.

The main reason we started L'aura the Label, was to create another source of income to build a home and Healing Centre in Bali… a place for anyone to visit or stay as long as they need to focus on their individual healing. All profits from your purchases go to the build. We are currently adding on two more rooms at the entrance. Every little bit goes a long way, for example...

- One item purchased pays for 15 bags of cement!
- Two items purchased pays for one worker for one week (we provide food and accommodation separately).
- Three items purchased pays for a whole truck of rocks!

Thank you so much for your support in advance.



More information about L'aura Healing can be found here. Build progress photos can be found on instagram at @laurahealing_.