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L'aura the Label is the creation of Laura from New Zealand, and Jimmy from Indonesia. Our garments blend our love of the east and west. Made for people who dress for creativity and comfort and don't necessarily keep up with trends - timeless, trans-seasonal and unisex.
All garments are designed by Laura in New Zealand and ethically handmade by Ketut (bottom left) at her home studio in Denpasar, Bali. She has one dressmaker, Putu Rini (top right) who works alongside her. 


Hand-paintings are created separately by Ratna, an extremely talented Balinese artist who also happens to be Jimmy's Auntie. Every garment is individually and intuitively painted.


Our first hand-paint theme is titled 'In Bloom'. We are all blooming and changing from one thing into another. Growing as a human is a process. This theme reflects that process in each of us.


We well and truly fall under the category of 'slow fashion'. We do not release a new collection every season. The base of our garments more or less stay the same - it is our hand-paint theme that changes! To ensure we do not over-produce, we keep a small stock on hand, make-to-order, or custom-order.


We are an eco-friendly label, working with natural fibres and plant-based paint. We bring our fabric directly to Ketut's studio on the roll - no plastic packaging necessary. Your item is delivered to you inside a handmade cotton canvas bag and postage satchels are bio-degradable, Better Packaging Co.


All proceeds from your purchase (after paying for production), go towards building a Healing Center for our partner, L'aura Healing.