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Interview Fifteen: Maja Gabrynowicz


Some things about me:
1. I originally hail from Adelaide, South Australia
2. I am obsessed with my dog, Billy 
3. I have a fascination with psychotherapy, what makes us tick
4. Music & immersing myself in nature eases my nervous system. Always.
5. The smell of a campfire seeped in my clothes is so comforting to me. 

What is your favourite thing to do for you, daily?
Move my body. I work as a counsellor/social worker which requires me to give a lot of energy to people. As an empath, I absorb their stories into my nervous system. So moving my body allows me to remove any stagnant energy and uplift my spirit. Movement for me can look like anything from walking Billy in the morning, going for an ocean swim or pilates.


Something you live by (or aim to live by)?
Giving myself permission to honour how I am feeling on any given day, all actions coming from a place of love, and living a life led with compassion.

What’s up next for you?
Honest answer... I have no idea! Entering my 30's I feel that there is a shift brewing in me where I may be approaching a crossroads on which direction I wish to take in life... watch this space. 

What L’aura the Label piece do you love / wear the most? Why?
The Enya Wrap Dress. I love to not feel restricted in my clothing, having it adjustable allows myself to feel comfortable in my skin. I receive compliments whe wearing it on the daily!


What drew you to L’aura the Label at the beginning?
I am lucky enough to call Laura a dear friend and have watched her lovingly develop L'aura the Label from the very beginning! She lives life with such authenticity and passion, which flows through her creative projects and is so visible in her label.

IG: @majaagab

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