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Interview Fourteen: Becky Lawrence

Tell us some things about you...
I studied accounting and worked for a bank before quitting and having no idea what was next... I found myself living and breathing yoga managing a small retreat centre in the Coromandel. One of the most scary and the most profound experiences of my life to date.

What is your favourite thing to do for you, daily?
Breathing in fresh air in a natural surrounding 
Movement of any sort - walking, running, yoga, mountain biking

Something you live by (or aim to live by)?
Be a listener - We all share the craving to be heard and what a gift to give someone (and yourself) by listening without distraction and without the lense of needing to respond or provide a solution. 

What’s up next for you?
Overseas experience - I am looking to shift and have an experience living and working (remotely) in Canada at the end of this year.

What L’aura the Label piece do you love / wear the most? Why?
The black Enya Wrap Dress! So comfortable.

What drew you to L’aura the Label at the beginning?
The love for my friend Laura.

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