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L'aura the Label BLOG

  • Interview Eight: Emma Brooks

    Interview eight is with Emma Brooks, one of our very first customers! Emma grew up as an artist and dancer, before going on to study Fashion Design. She worked in the Fashion industry for about 10years! Emma now choose's to live a simple life and she share's with us some of her favourite things. Her favourite L'aura the Label garment is her one-of-a-kind hand-painted kimono. She is one of the lucky ones to own one from when we launched!x

  • Interview Seven: Sonata Bowen

    Interview Seven is with Sonata Bowen, a high school friend who I reconnected with recently after she bought an Enya Wrap Dress (which happens to be her favourite L'aura the Label piece). I dropped it to her and got to meet her beautiful daughter Isla. We got talking (Sonata has this way about her, like a warm-hearted coach), and she ended up helping me on our most recent Lookbook shoot! She has her own label coming soon called ISDE. Read more about Sonata's journey x
  • Interview Six: Steph Jackson-Young

    Interview Six is with Steph Jackson-Young, an old high school friend and a new customer - (loving how this label reconnects me with so many people). She currently works alongside her best friend from high school at the skin and brow clinic Malkia Beauty. Steph shares her favourite way to wakeup, what is coming up next for her, as well as her car racing hobby. Steph's favourite L'aura the Label garment is the black Aya Blouse x
  • Interview Five: Jacki Kong

    Interview Five is with the beautiful Jacki Kong, owner of Naturopath Clinic and Store 'I am Balanced' (where a range of our garments happen to be stocked)! Jacki share's her journey and what lead her to support other women, as well as the reason she specialise's in the areas she does. With a baby due in 5 months she is in the midst of finding the balance of being a mom, business owner and women in exploration! Her favourtie L'aura the Label piece is the sea green Kimono which she purchased soon after the news of becoming a mother. You'll love Jacki's story x
  • Interview Four: Julia Novy

    Interview Four is with Julia Novy, a former work colleague and a friend. Julia grew up in Germany and made her way to New Zealand a few years ago. She trained as a photographer in Berlin and is now a Content Creator at the wellness space, Hana. Julia has recently become a mother (only one month ago) and she shares with us some of the life changes she is adapting to, which I know many of you will relate. Her favourite L'aura the Label garment is the black Enya Wrap Dress, which she says was perfect for her growing belly, and now for breastfeeding x
  • Interview Three: Rose Langbein

    Interview Three is with Rose Langbein, one of my oldest and dearest friends. The kind of person where time doesn't affect the bond we made at age fourteen! She is a freelance brand strategist and writer at as well a very talented homely cook. I have been lucky enough to experience some of those candlelight dinners she mentions. Rose has just moved to Lisbon, Portugal with her boyfriend Hamish! Her favourite L'aura the Label garment is the Miranda Kimono (and has even gotten her family hooked on it too). Gain a little insight to her insight to her exotic life including the new Gin she has launched x
  • Interview Two: Steph Damm-Logan

    Interview Two is with Steph Damm-Logan from the Video Production Company I met Steph on a film set a few years back, and she was instantly someone I wanted to be friends with (I bet you will too when you are done reading). I have worked with her and her husband Ollie a few times since so I can attest to their quality of work and harmonious pairing. Her favourite L’aura the Label garment is the Enya Wrap Dress which she brought in off-white for her and her bridesmaids pre-wedding recently!!x

  • Interview One: Laura Beverley

    Interview One with Laura Beverley. Before asking anyone else to share personal things, we thought we better start with one of the face's behind this label. Find out Laura's favourite piece to wear, why her and Jimmy started this, and gain a little insight to her life x