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Interview Five: Jacki Kong


Tell us some things about you...
In high school I was studying arts, design and sciences. All my family (brother and cousins) studied design in university so I decided to be “different” and went on to do health sciences majoring in nutrition at uni. After I graduated I learnt about naturopathy and it’s philosophy rang true to me, having gone through my own health problems and also growing up with traditional Chinese medicine. After years of my own health journey, studies and commitment to holistic health my clinic and store came to life. Having your own business mean you are always creating so in the end, I felt I never gave up my creative endeavours.

What is your favourite thing to do for you, daily?
A good nights rest is so important to me. When I was sick I had really bad insomnia so I will do what I need to support my sleep.
 Every night I will make myself a cup of sleepy tea (at the moment it is gentle chamomile as I’m pregnant), have my mineral supplements and add a drop of lavender oil on either side of my pillow.

Something you live by (or aim to live by)?
Staying true to yourself. If you can stay true to the things you value, what you believe in and who you truly are this will lead you in the right direction.

What’s up next for you?
Baby will be due in 5 months. So that’s going to be a big change. Keeping my business alive while being a new mum would be amazing! Being pregnant has already inspired me in many ways. I have some projects that are slowly coming to life. Whatever is next will be one where I’m trying to find a  balance of being a mom, business owner and women in exploration.

What is your area of focus in your naturopath clinic?
I love helping women with hormonal issues, fertility (men and women), pregnancy and postpartum health. I also see a lot of client for skin issue, particularly acne! Things that I have personally had challenges with.


What L’aura the Label piece do you love / wear the most? Why?
  I love my sea green Kimono piece the most. I haven’t worn it yet! But I love it and imagine wearing it lots when pregnant and post birth. Thinking it might be a nice piece to wear for our gender reveal party later on also. Also love my Enya Wrap Dresses which I have in white and olive. Feel very feminine in it!

What drew you to L’aura the Label at the beginning?
I just love how effortless the pieces look, they are super comfy while you feel like a goddess. I love that it is all natural fibres and that the pieces are timeless and won’t outdate. That’s why I have a few Laura pieces and I will be adding on! 
IG: @balancedwithjacki

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