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Interview Two: Steph Damm-Logan

Tell us some things about you…
- I live in Diamond Harbour, a wonderful little spot on the Banks Peninsula in Canterbury.

- I live with my Husband (and business partner) Ollie, 2 stray cats, very naughty but now domesticated, Zoey and Cybi. We also have 3 lovely Black Minorca Chickens that also get up to all sorts of trouble.

- I'm addicted to gardening and would love to grow all my own food - life goal. 

What is your favourite thing to do for you, daily?
Have a cup of coffee in the morning with my hens, to keep them company. I can tell it goes a long way.

Something you live by (or aim to live by)?
I was practicing yoga this morning and the instructor had general commentary about “Sharpening your concentration”…and I really liked that phrase. Whether it’s just generally about practicing more discipline, being present, keeping procrastination at bay or simply remaining zen… I feel like “sharpening your concentration” can relate to a lot of things and right now it’s the motivation I need. So I’ll be giving that mantra a go! In terms of what I LIVE by, I’d say it’s just generally the mindset that everyone has stuff going on and you will only ever have limited insight to what that is… so just try not to be an asshole to anyone no matter the situation?  …sorry and one more, for work it’s “Make TV you would want to watch”.

What’s up next for you?
Ooh well we just got married so the next life step (for us anyway) is hopefully children?! Also we are planning a pretty big house renovation, but as Laura would know that stuff sucks up time and money so it’s a big WIP! Otherwise our business is going really well, we are just generally on that journey of looking for the right type of client and pushing to make our content better. I feel like I am at capacity with what I can do work wise but I would LOVE to find more time for development. We would love to create a doco series, something environmentally focused in the next few years but right now I am directing some of the Grand Designs episodes for the next couple of series so with that and our current Guardian Films clients, development takes a back seat!

What distinguishes you from other video production companies?
I guess aside from our collective experience working for other production companies, we are in the wonderful position of being a Husband and Wife team. We spent our travels through Italy brainstorming a TV series; it’s all those extra hours towards our business that just happen naturally which makes us better and we are both very excited about creating our own content so it doesn’t feel like work a lot of the time. We are also South Island NZ based, crew is pretty scant down here and we have everything we need in terms of equipment to get stunning footage.

Learn more about Guardian Films here:

What L’aura the Label piece do you love / wear the most? Why?
The Enya Wrap Dress for sure. I could live in that thing. I brought it as an elegant getting ready dress for myself and my bridesmaids pre wedding (my mum was in the lovely Kimono) now I wear it all the time and my best friend wears it as her house dress.. which her partner finds super sexy!

What drew you to L’aura the Label at the beginning?
Probably just Laura herself. She’s a super kind and open person and just that alone makes me what to support what she is doing - However it does help that what the label stands for really aligns with the way I want to dress and my ethics around clothing. My wardrobe consists of only opshopped goods or natural fabrics brought from brands that are making change in the fast fashion world.

Instagram: @guardianfilms

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