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Interview Ten: Paulina Ciurzynska


Tell us some things about you...
I am an eco warrior
I own a sustainable activewear line made out of bamboo called LETE
I transitioned to plant based living for planetary health
I do ice baths
I’ve had 3 businesses

What is your favourite thing to do for you, daily?
My favourite thing to do daily is get all the cuddles from my Ragdoll cats that I can possibly get and just be present with them and exchange the love!!

Something you live by (or aim to live by)?
I try to live in the most sustainable, compassionate way I can. It’s not about being perfect. I think in the world we live in today, its near impossible to be 100% sustainable, but not trying doesn’t help either. Every bit counts. One of my favourite quotes is an oldie but a goodie, “It’s just 1 plastic bottle, said 8 billion people.” You can attach that to anything really, cant you?

What’s up next for you?
I am just about to apply to study the Demartini Method which has been a dream for many, many years!

What inspired LETE?
My business partner and I were horrified at the plastic pollution, we wanted to see change in the activewear world, as a lot of activewear is either made from polyester or recycled polyester - which still pollutes our oceans and air every time these items are washed or worn!


What L’aura the Label piece do you love / wear the most? Why?
The Olive Enya Wrap Dress! And I just recently purchased a matching Olive Scrunchie! Absolutely in love with the Olive colour!

What drew you to L’aura the Label at the beginning?
Definitely the fact that it is made from natural fibres.

IG @plantlifewithpaulina

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