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Interview Twenty One: Lanu Hahau




Tell us some things about you…
I am a lawyer with 3 degrees and model part-time. I have been plant-based over 9 years now and I love to keep active by Spinning or boxing. I do enjoy the odd hike here and there, but it has to be a good day.

What is your favourite thing to do for you, daily?
First things first, coffee. During the week I have to exercise because it keeps my mind and physical well-being in good condition. My exercises of choice are Spinning at Westward if you're in Auckland or Boxing. To end the day, I love to read. It helps keep my mind clear and sharp!

What is something you live by (or aim to live by)?
I try to live as authentically to myself as possible. Some days I'm fierce, other days I'm insecure. Each version is a variation of the same me and I try to love it all.

What advice would you give to yourself that you wish were told?
That jealousy or lies made up about you is actually a form of love (as twisted as that sounds) take it as a compliment, I guess! haha

Favourite meal currently?
I've been loving my husband's vegan creamy mushroom pasta. It's my favourite!

What is coming up next for you?
Stay tuned to find out ;)

What L’aura the Label piece do you love / wear the most?
I love the black tube dress! It's my go to over the warmer months because it's so comfortable but also stylish and versatile. I dress it up or down depending on the occasion. 

What drew you to L’aura the Label at the beginning?
It's simplicity and Laura's approach to sustainable and ethical wear. I also love the designs, they are perfect for a capsule summer wardrobe, because the pieces are timeless.

Find Lanu on Instagram: @Lanu_hahau & @Lanu_recommends 

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