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Healing Center

All proceeds from L'aura the Label go to our partner, L'aura Healing, for the acquisition of land in Bali to build a Healing Center. There, anyone can stay to receive the healing they need. 
"At L'aura Healing our purpose is to RECONNECT you to your truth, UNLOCK stuck energy and REBALANCE body, mind and soul. As Healers, we use ourselves as vessels for Source energy, cleaning blockages that are in the way of you being who you really are. This healing is very unique, intensive and instant. We heal via DISTANCE, TOUCH and the OCEAN. As layers of blocks are released, the pure energy automatically goes where it is needed. The amount of sessions and depth of treatment required depends upon your individual path. We'll do everything we can to open the gates for you. The choice to step through, is yours."


With any L'aura the Label purchase, you receive 10% off a Healing sessionWe will email you a unique code to use in your own time x


If you are in a position to make a donation separately - click here.

Thank you in advance!